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Kelli Wefenstette grew up in the sprawling cornfields of rural Illinois, Cuba, a town of 1400 and no stoplights. She believes in living an authentic life that is wild and free even inside the city limits. A Community Organizer and Educator who resides in Portage Park, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Monmouth College and a Master’s degree in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University. She is also a registered yoga teacher.

Kelli engages neighborhood revitalization through the cultivation and promotion of arts, urban agriculture, and economic development. She is trained in community organizing and Asset Based Community Development and has 10+ years experience in special event planning. She created an eco-friendly craft line in 2007, co-founded a monthly, traveling craft market in 2010, and taught a workshop series guiding urban dwellers toward self-sufficiency by means of gardening, canning, composting, chicken keeping, and simple living.

Today, Kelli and Jimmyredhed work to renovate their big, red urban farmhouse into an aspiring homestead that is often filled with travelers from the world over. A practicing vegetarian, she enjoys exploring every neighborhood of Chicago, cooking with whole foods and vegetables from her garden, and cuddling with her kittens, Killer Queen and Jubilee. Her obsessions include chai tea lattes, vintage housewares, avocado green, and protest music. Kelli’s craft is her activism, an opportunity to educate others on all things political, beautiful, and life affirming while striving to radically minimize her eco-existence.

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