Start Here and Start Now

I want to know what you dream of, what inspires you, what that little seed in the furthest corner of your mind is that you’ve been too afraid to let grow. What makes you feel alive? Because this. Your children could care less about how hard you work to give them a big house, their own bedrooms, […]

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Portage Park Project 2014

In the final days of 2013, Jimmyredhed and I began an ongoing conversation about our money spending habits. What would it look like if we went a whole year without shopping at chain stores or large corporations? What impact would shopping only independent and/or local businesses in our neighborhood have on our lives? Out of these […]

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These women were absolutely heavenly. I caught them last night with some of my favorite ladies at the Old Town School of Folk music.

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peace and justice for Brad

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve ridden alongside me in my journey of my little brother’s death in August 2011 and the process of dealing with the, at times excruciating, grief that has accompanied his absence. It’s been months since I’ve shared any words about Brad yet that’s not […]

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november’s urban folk circuit

I’m putting together some of the final details for our next craft market on November 30th. This is a really important market as it highlights Small Business Saturday and our commitment to shopping local, supporting our independent businesses, and strengthening our local economy. I’m still looking for artisans for the market (we’re full on jewelry […]

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first snow begins to fall

My heart is feeling so full that the first snow began to fall on a day I’m cozy inside. I’ve been crafting for two days straight, holed up in my sewing room while the world rushes past outside. In the past few years, I’ve really felt this transition from fall to winter to be quite […]

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write and release

My crafting goal of this three day weekend has been to use up my whole collection of old books for reclaimed book journals. I detach the covers, fill them with blank recycled paper, and spirally bound them into journals. When I came to this stack of blank journals, I almost tossed them in our thrift […]

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Three Day Weekend

A glorious three day weekend presented itself to me and I quickly embraced the notion of a home-filled weekend. I spent yesterday elbow deep in cleaning out our basement, making donation piles and trips out to the recycling bin. Feeling a call toward lightness, I’m needing space in our home as we move inward for […]

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On the Road

Jimmyredhed, my dad, and I are en route to Seattle. We hit four states on our first day and we’re headed out of North Dakota now. The universe knows we’re headed to the Pacific Northwest because “Better Man” has played in every place we’ve stopped.

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I awoke this morning before dawn, our bedroom air still heavy with sleep. I took straight to my studio, a pen poised over an empty expanse of notebook. Grounded-ness. In mornings like these and weeks like these, it is not enough to remind myself over and again what constitutes home. I return to words allowing them all […]

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